Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Red Dress and Spiteful Sabotagers

Sooooooooo, after my second week I'm 10lb lighter and 3inches skinnier around the waist, and feeling prettty happy with myself. So happy in fact, that I went to buy myself something new to wear. I have purchased a lovely red dress, which I love more than any other item of clothing I own. The reason I love it? I've dropped a dress size!!!! Now I was hoping for a 4lb loss this week, but the red dress has made up for it, seriously, it's beautiful..... pics to follow :)

Ok, enough about the dress. I have a question. Why do people seem to have an in born instinct to sabotage the good intentions of others? Not only have I had the usual "That diet is stupid/dangerous" and "You'll put it all back on when you start eating normally again..." comments, but I've had people actually wave food in front of my face! People have gone out of their way to text or facebook me to let me know what they are having for breakfast/lunch/tea and how delicious it is! What is wrong with these people??

I went out over the weekend, luckily I have a friend who also isn't drinking alcohol at the moment, and we had a great time. But the number of people who passed comment on the fact that I wasn't drinking was unbelievable! Despite being the life and soul of the party, on Friday night I earned the title "Nana Tea" because I dared to have 1 cup of tea to eat my bar with. On Saturday, I had "I liked you better when you drank beer," "One vodka won't hurt" and the most ludicrous of all "You're drinking water...... that's gay..."

GAY????? Seriously??????? My gay mates are by far the biggest drinkers I know! lol

But my point is this, nobody knew why I wasn't drinking, I didn't say it was because I'm doing the CD because that would take me back to the original comments about the diet. And the truth is, I'd already made a decision to give up drinking before I even thought about CD. But what if I had a problem with alcohol? What if the reason I had chosen to give up was because I was a recovering alcoholic? Why don't people think before opening their mouths? And more to the point, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE TO YOUR NIGHT IF I'M DRUNK OR SOBER???? Is it really that important that you feel the need to push alcohol on me? Idiots.

Now I do have to say that as well as the saboteurs, a lot of my friends have been really supportive, and I'm trying to harness that support and block out the negative. So a big thanks to KA, MS, NY, NR, AG, PricklyEmu, and my fellow CDers on Twitter. Your support is appreciated.

Here's to a good week, good luck to you all :)

Friday, 13 January 2012

The weekend has landed!


Friday is finally here! It's been a long week, but worth it for the epic weekend I'm about to have. I'm off to the football with my boys tonight, then out in the big 'Diff with my girls tomorrow - Can. Not. Wait!

Now I know that not everyone is able to go out to pubs and clubs without drinking, but luckily I had already made the decision to stop drinking before I decided to start Cambridge, so I'm used to it. And I'm sure if you asked my friends that they would tell you that I'm bonkers enough without a drink in me. The bit I find hard is drinking water or soda water all night, I miss fizzy pop more than I miss alcohol!

So I started thinking about what I could drink, just as a little treat of course, 'coz I don't think I could get much more in on top of the 4 litres of Water I'm drinking every day!

I discovered that the following drinks have NO CITRIC ACID - Coke Zero, Dr. Pepper Zero (make sure it's the ZERO and not the diet varieties) and Perfectly clear Strawberry and Kiwi which comes in still or sparking.

The only problem is that most pubs only stock the normal or diet drinks and not the ZERO's, and I'm scared to take my water flavourer with me, as I don't think having a tub of white powder in my bag would look too clever if I was searched by a bouncer!!

But I'm not going to let that spoil my weekend, I intend to party till I drop...... (or wet myself from over consumption of water ;) )

Speak to y'all soon!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

First weigh in - Week 1

Sooooooooooo it was my first weigh in today...... (drum roll please)................... I've lost half a stone! YAY! Those forst 3 days of hell were worth it. I'm now firmly in ketosis and really and truly not feeling even slightly hungry. I will admit that I have an empty belly feeling, but that can easily be killed off with some black coffee or water.

I do still have the psychological hunger though, the want for something to eat, but this weight loss has really spurred me on, and I've decided to make a list of all the reasons why I don't want that super duper mega fat fat burger meal.....

1. The last one I ate (the day before I started CD) made me feel sooooo sick.
2. I fell as full as an egg after eating one, but half an our and one tremendous burp later and I'm hungry again.
3. It's usually cold by the time I get home from the drive through.
4. It makes my skin bad.
5. I've seen an experiment done on a certain brand of Burgers, and the fries don't actually degrade or go mouldy even after 12 weeks...... that kind of chemical s**t cannot be doing my insides any good.

Soooooooooo, it's the start of another week, and I'm feeling really strong. I'm 12st 12lb now and next week's target is 12st 9lb, keep your fingers crossed for me guys! xx

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Days 1-5 on Sole Source

Ok, quick introduction....

I'm a serial dieter, seems as though I've been on a constant diet since I was 16! I've done them all, from the stupid cabbage soup diet, to the more sensible weight watchers, and I've decided enough is enough, one last diet to end the cycle.... at least that's the plan. So I'm doing the Cambridge diet (CD), for the second time. I have 3 stone to lose and am hoping to do it in 12 weeks

I intended to start this blog on day 1 of CD but my brain refused to work! So now it's day 5 and I'm feeling a little more 'normal'  I thought I'd start blogging.

Days 1 - 3 were sooooo hard. I felt like I'd been on the diet for weeks by the end of day 2, but i was determined to stick at it, and even went to the gym on day 3 (only for a little walk on the treadmill, but I did burn 200 Cals, no mean feat when you're only having 460 cals a day!) Yesterday wasn't too bad asi ti was the weekend, and I slept in 'till 11:30! And I did a lot to fill my time, went to watch the Mighty Martyrs (my local football team) and out in the evening.

I just want to tell any of you out there who are struggling in the first week, that it does get easier, i promise! It's 4pm now and all I've had all day is a Cambridge porridge and a basinful of Coffee (plus several bottles of water) and I'm not hungry at all. Obviously I still have the psychological hunger, and want for food, but I just keep telling myself its only 12 weeks, and nothing I eat is gonna taste as good as I'm gonna feel when I reach my target.
I did have a sneaky weigh today which I know I shouldn't have done, and think that gave me a little more motivation, as I've lost 6lb already!

Good luck to everybody who's doing this or any other VLCD, I hope you'll find my blog motivational/helpful etc.

Will post again on weigh in day :)