Sunday, 8 January 2012

Days 1-5 on Sole Source

Ok, quick introduction....

I'm a serial dieter, seems as though I've been on a constant diet since I was 16! I've done them all, from the stupid cabbage soup diet, to the more sensible weight watchers, and I've decided enough is enough, one last diet to end the cycle.... at least that's the plan. So I'm doing the Cambridge diet (CD), for the second time. I have 3 stone to lose and am hoping to do it in 12 weeks

I intended to start this blog on day 1 of CD but my brain refused to work! So now it's day 5 and I'm feeling a little more 'normal'  I thought I'd start blogging.

Days 1 - 3 were sooooo hard. I felt like I'd been on the diet for weeks by the end of day 2, but i was determined to stick at it, and even went to the gym on day 3 (only for a little walk on the treadmill, but I did burn 200 Cals, no mean feat when you're only having 460 cals a day!) Yesterday wasn't too bad asi ti was the weekend, and I slept in 'till 11:30! And I did a lot to fill my time, went to watch the Mighty Martyrs (my local football team) and out in the evening.

I just want to tell any of you out there who are struggling in the first week, that it does get easier, i promise! It's 4pm now and all I've had all day is a Cambridge porridge and a basinful of Coffee (plus several bottles of water) and I'm not hungry at all. Obviously I still have the psychological hunger, and want for food, but I just keep telling myself its only 12 weeks, and nothing I eat is gonna taste as good as I'm gonna feel when I reach my target.
I did have a sneaky weigh today which I know I shouldn't have done, and think that gave me a little more motivation, as I've lost 6lb already!

Good luck to everybody who's doing this or any other VLCD, I hope you'll find my blog motivational/helpful etc.

Will post again on weigh in day :)

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