Friday, 13 January 2012

The weekend has landed!


Friday is finally here! It's been a long week, but worth it for the epic weekend I'm about to have. I'm off to the football with my boys tonight, then out in the big 'Diff with my girls tomorrow - Can. Not. Wait!

Now I know that not everyone is able to go out to pubs and clubs without drinking, but luckily I had already made the decision to stop drinking before I decided to start Cambridge, so I'm used to it. And I'm sure if you asked my friends that they would tell you that I'm bonkers enough without a drink in me. The bit I find hard is drinking water or soda water all night, I miss fizzy pop more than I miss alcohol!

So I started thinking about what I could drink, just as a little treat of course, 'coz I don't think I could get much more in on top of the 4 litres of Water I'm drinking every day!

I discovered that the following drinks have NO CITRIC ACID - Coke Zero, Dr. Pepper Zero (make sure it's the ZERO and not the diet varieties) and Perfectly clear Strawberry and Kiwi which comes in still or sparking.

The only problem is that most pubs only stock the normal or diet drinks and not the ZERO's, and I'm scared to take my water flavourer with me, as I don't think having a tub of white powder in my bag would look too clever if I was searched by a bouncer!!

But I'm not going to let that spoil my weekend, I intend to party till I drop...... (or wet myself from over consumption of water ;) )

Speak to y'all soon!

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