Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Red Dress and Spiteful Sabotagers

Sooooooooo, after my second week I'm 10lb lighter and 3inches skinnier around the waist, and feeling prettty happy with myself. So happy in fact, that I went to buy myself something new to wear. I have purchased a lovely red dress, which I love more than any other item of clothing I own. The reason I love it? I've dropped a dress size!!!! Now I was hoping for a 4lb loss this week, but the red dress has made up for it, seriously, it's beautiful..... pics to follow :)

Ok, enough about the dress. I have a question. Why do people seem to have an in born instinct to sabotage the good intentions of others? Not only have I had the usual "That diet is stupid/dangerous" and "You'll put it all back on when you start eating normally again..." comments, but I've had people actually wave food in front of my face! People have gone out of their way to text or facebook me to let me know what they are having for breakfast/lunch/tea and how delicious it is! What is wrong with these people??

I went out over the weekend, luckily I have a friend who also isn't drinking alcohol at the moment, and we had a great time. But the number of people who passed comment on the fact that I wasn't drinking was unbelievable! Despite being the life and soul of the party, on Friday night I earned the title "Nana Tea" because I dared to have 1 cup of tea to eat my bar with. On Saturday, I had "I liked you better when you drank beer," "One vodka won't hurt" and the most ludicrous of all "You're drinking water...... that's gay..."

GAY????? Seriously??????? My gay mates are by far the biggest drinkers I know! lol

But my point is this, nobody knew why I wasn't drinking, I didn't say it was because I'm doing the CD because that would take me back to the original comments about the diet. And the truth is, I'd already made a decision to give up drinking before I even thought about CD. But what if I had a problem with alcohol? What if the reason I had chosen to give up was because I was a recovering alcoholic? Why don't people think before opening their mouths? And more to the point, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE TO YOUR NIGHT IF I'M DRUNK OR SOBER???? Is it really that important that you feel the need to push alcohol on me? Idiots.

Now I do have to say that as well as the saboteurs, a lot of my friends have been really supportive, and I'm trying to harness that support and block out the negative. So a big thanks to KA, MS, NY, NR, AG, PricklyEmu, and my fellow CDers on Twitter. Your support is appreciated.

Here's to a good week, good luck to you all :)

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